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"An inspiring and heartfelt book..she drinks deeply from the waters of life"--Alice McDowell, author of "Dance of Light"

"This is a beautiful story, a story of many stories made of hope" --Murray Bodo, author of "Francis: The Journey and the Dream"

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faith-filled workshops for today's seekers

faith-filled workshops for today's seekers

Maureen offers a variety of moving and meaningful in-person and virtual workshops tailored to the needs of your parish, school, congregation, or retreat center. From a single 90-minute workshop to day-long explorations, contact Maureen for more details about the options below, and to see how she can best support you and your seekers!--"PSALM 23 & ME" : explores how the Psalms guide us, and illuminate the ups and downs of our own spiritual journeys.--"Gather the Fragments: Finding Gratitude and Abundance": Using the Miracle of the Loaves and Fishes to find the gifts in our lives today.--"Advent Night of Beauty": An Advent performance of hope, music, and reflection.--"Lenten Renewal Through the Psalms": Using the psalms to grow closer to God."Places of Turning: Writing Stories of What We Believe": Writing the stories of what we have shed, what we have found, and how we have grown in spirit and been transformed."Flying Jewels: The Work of Brian Doyle": A delightful close look at the work of this gifted spiritual writer."Uplifting Our Hearts: Poems of Beauty and Joy": Poems to renew our spirits.

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